IFFI 2013 - interview Jonas d'Adesky

Amit Kumar Agarwal

A young film-maker from Belgium made waves at the 44th edition of International Film Festival of India. Jonas d’Adesky is his name and the film that won him accolades from far and wide is Twa Timoun (Three Kids).

Film-maker Jonas d’Adesky
Set against the backdrop of 2010 earthquake that rocked Haiti, Jonas says that the idea germinated as he wanted to tell story of three kids under the tiring circumstances of the earthquake, building their life again and finding a meaning to their life. He says as a matter-of-fact, “This was a film about their friendship, not about the earthquake.”

A trained film-maker from Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD) in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, Jonas started by making short films as a teenager in 2001. For this film he spent six months volunteering in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and then returned to make this narrative about the indomitable children, namely Mickerson, Pierre and Vitaleme. 

According to him, "the beauty of the film is that it's a story about children using their wits in dealing with the harsh hand dealt them still in the delightful, inquisitive, tender ways children do."

About his filming experience Jonas says the crew and he worked with children who had indeed come through the earthquake. He said working with untrained actors was his biggest challenge as a director, but he bonded well with the the kids essaying the protagonists' part and is very happy with the way each kid lived the character.

Jonas hasn't watched much of Indian cinema; but he is enamored by the size of the Indian film industry. "It is huge, I am simply bowled over by my experience in India and I hope to return to India soon."

About his next film, Jonas says that right now he is enjoying a well deserved break, "but working on a story that he hopes to film in 2014."